Heart to heart with 3D Math

I have studied mathematics and worked with Mathematica for quite some time , as can be seen from my problem solvers page and the science books page .

Some curves and surfaces have nice 3 D heart shapes when plotted the right way .Maybe it’s Valentine’s day by coincidence and maybe not  , anyway here are some examples of ‘math’ hearts with Mathematica ( and sometimes a little Photoshop):

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For those interested in math and coding , I’ll give as an example the Mathematica code for the big red heart with white background  :


 And here are some more (customized ) heart surfaces. Shows  there is beauty in mathematics .

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The ‘plump’ red heart with the orange background is a heart-shaped surface given by the Taubin equation:

taubin-eqAnd also by the equation :


The Mathematica code for the Taubin heart-shaped surface is:


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