About two book series

Throughout the years of reading and studying I have read many books of the French
encyclopedic series  “Que sais-je?” . Each book of the series consists of about 128 pages
and deals with a particular subject or field of study and is written by a specialist . The number
of books I’ve read in this series amounts to about one hundred , books related to various
subjects : science , mathematics , physics , astronomy , history , philosophy , religion ,
education , psychology , etc , or sometimes a combination of these subjects.

The first two books I read (and worked out) in the series were ‘Histoire de l’astronomie
classique ‘ (History of classical astronomy) and  ‘La Relativité’ (Relativity) by the late
astronomer Paul Couderc. I was 15 years of age at that time.

The history of astronomy book contains interesting information , but I remember  what
impressed me most was the author’s praise of the achievements of Isaac Newton and of his
great work “Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica” or “Mathematical Principles of
Natural Philosophy”.
Here are  sample images of some of the books I have read in the “Que sais-je ?” series:

I have also read a few books of  the more recent  “Very Short Introductions” series.

The “Que sais-je ?” series has more than 3500 titles in 2014 , whereas The “Very Short
Introductions” has between 300 and 400 titles .
Another difference I have noticed between the two collections is that when it comes to
scientific subjects  the  “Very Short Introductions” series gives a  general introduction and
a good overview of the subject  ,  while the “Que sais-je?” series delves deeper into the
subject and gives more advanced details with mathematical proofs and equations when

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