About the lunar eclipse of April 15 , 2014

Here are images of the lunar eclipse  which took place on April 15 , 2014 . I chose as an example location the city of Miami in Florida. The  astronomy software I used is Starry Night. Click on the images for more info and to view enlarged images in a photo gallery.

In a lunar eclipse , the position of the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon.The Moon revolving in its orbit around Earth passes through Earth’s shadow.

Here is a heliocentric view of the inner planets of the solar system for April 15 , 2014 (done with Starry Night).


The same view is zoomed in and centered on the Earth and the Moon (the Earth and Moon dimensions are not to scale).The yellow lines represent the approximate direction of the Sun’s rays (done with Starry Night and Photoshop):


Click here to see an enlarged and detailed view of the solar system for April 15 , 2014. 

And click here to see an article explaining the reddish color of the moon during the eclipse.


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