Just an image about symmetry

I was thinking  about making some sort of image related to symmetry , either for general usage or  for my Twitter account , so I experimented a little with Photoshop to draw something about symmetry , which is an essential and important property in mathematics , physics , science and knowledge . Symmetry is also present in nature , art , architecture , etc

I came up first with this image :

symmetry image one


Then I noticed it wasn’t “symmetrical” enough , and I changed it till I got this  :

symmetry image two

I found this last image more satisfactory.

Wherever there is symmetry  , there is mathematics , science , precision , and all the other nice things mentioned/written/carved in the image.

Then finally I added a (symmetric) curve and “wrapped” it around the words .

Both y = \pm\frac {1} {x} and y = \pm\frac {1} {x^2} are symmetric with respect to the origin of the coordinate axes and either one of them can be used . The final image is the following one :

symmetry curve


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