Some more 3D graphics related to the sinc function

I’ll finish exploring the sinc function by showing a few 3D graphs of sinc related curves.
Here is a first set of 3D curves of sinc related functions:

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As an example , here is the Mathematica code for the 3D curve √(x² + y²)sinc(√(x² + y²)) above:

sinc code sqrt

And here is the second set of 3D surfaces related to sinc:

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The Mathematica code for the curve given by sinc(x² -y²) is:

sinc 3d surface squared

I’m somewhat fed up with sinc , so soon I will move on to other subjects.

Update: I will add a last group of six 3D curves related to sinc . They include curves where sinc as a function of x is multiplied by sinc as a function of y , such as sinc(x)×sinc(y) , sinc(ln(x))×sinc(ln(y)) with ‘ln’ the natural logarithm to the base e  rendered as ‘log’ by Mathematica in the image , sinc(sin(x))×sinc(cos(y)) , and sinc(x²)×sinc(y²)  .

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