Question: what is the square root of 36 ? – Part One

I went over to a few weeks ago to answer a question about calendars , and then I got busy there. Since I am able to answer different types of questions , I started answering one question after the other , and I got stuck . I mean it’s a good way of getting stuck , answering questions about culture and science is useful and educational , but it can  become time consuming and it requires attention and dedication.

Anyway . somebody came up with a question about the square root of 36. This question was obviously a stale unoriginal question , probably meant as a joke , but I decided to spice it up a little and make it more interesting.
So I answered the question my own way ,  and I got a  good amount of likes and ‘upvotes’ .

I will rewrite the answer  I gave in here (with some modifications ).

Here are some results equal to \sqrt{36}  :


square root 36 results one


An here is another group of results equal to \sqrt{36} .
If one tries to work out or verify  these equalities , it would be a good exercise in intermediate and advanced math ( and physics).


square root of 36 results two

To be continued in another post.


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