Analysis of some future events related to the situation in the Middle East and the World

The following lines or paragraphs are taken or inspired from two answers I wrote on Quora in relation to what is happening in the Middle East and/or what I think will happen, and in relation to World History and future events in the USA and elsewhere.

I want to point out that I was raised Christian, I have knowledge about most religions (see for example the books I read in the religion related page), I appreciate religions, but I have been non-religious (agnostic) for several years. I’m also not attached to any particular political philosophy or ideology.

I will try to explain and give an idea about what I think will happen in the Middle East and generally in world events in the next two or three decades (these lines have been originally written at the end of December 2017), based on my readings, reflections and objective or neutral analysis of historical events.

One has to take into account the fact that events in the Middle East are related to earlier historical events, to global events, and to the interplay and interference of great powers in this region.

As I mentioned in other answers, my analysis is related to the following notions or guiding principles:

  • The notion that (along with historical progress and evolution) there are “periodicities” , regularities , connections, patterns and exact correspondences or analogies between historical events over periods of two thousand years or two millennia.
  • The notion of inversion or transmutation of values , more or less related to Nietzsche’s philosophy .
  • The notion or general principle that the main great powers in History succeed each other and follow the same phases or stages of rise and growth, and subsequently of progressive decline.

In light of the notions or principles above, here is what think will take place.

The events in the Middle East will be influenced by the actions and the interactions of the great powers, and one of the main great powers involved is the USA.

Based on the notion that great powers follow the same chronological stages of development, here are some historical facts.

In the seventeenth century, the British and their nation witnessed a number of societal and political changes. Then a man named Oliver Cromwell came to power and ruled for a definite period of time.

At the end of the eighteenth century, after the French Revolution, the French had a man named Napoleon Bonaparte who came and ruled them for some time.

In the first half of the twentieth century, the Germans had a man named Hitler who came and ruled them.

And it can be concluded or deduced from the above that the next Cromwell, Napoleon or Hitler is going to come and rule in the USA in the next two or three decades.

The events in the USA and elsewhere will have an impact on the Middle East. A great war will take place in the Middle East region, with the great powers intervening and taking sides. All the peoples of the Middle East will be affected, there will be dramatic consequences for all the inhabitants of the region, and the effects will be felt all over the world.

Concerning other great or major powers, nations such as France and Germany will get closer to Russia. The British, willingly or reluctantly, will follow the politics and policies of the USA. After the American “Napoleon” or “Hitler” is gone, the USA will become a secondary great power.

Moreover, it is to be noticed that what happened to the ancient Hebrews and Jews two thousand years ago is happening to Arabs and Muslims at this period of time.

Here are some additional details with regard to my analysis.

Let’s include some historical reminders.

It is known that Oliver Cromwell, who ruled Great Britain as Lord Protector in the seventeenth century, was 18 years old when his father (Robert Cromwell) died.

Napoleon Bonaparte, who ruled France, was 16 years old when his father (Carlo Maria di Buonaparte) passed away.

Hitler, who ruled Germany, was 14 years old when his father died.

From the facts and observations above, and the concept or principle of the succession of great powers that follow the same phases or stages of progressive rise and decline one after the other, it can be noticed or deduced that the next “Hitler” will come and rule the USA in the next two or three decades, and he will be 12 years old when his father dies. He will usher in changes and he will have an influence on global events and on the events in the Middle East until he is gone.

In any event, let’s wait for the unfolding of future events and for the possible “experimental verification” of what I have written.

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