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Hello there.

You will find here various articles and posts and  a knowledge mix (albeit a coherent , organized and often interrelated  mix , I hope) of my ideas and opinions about culture , books , science , and everything else…

My books pages can be consulted for a listing and sometimes description  of books I have read throughout the years , and  my blog for posts related to diverse subjects.

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Concerning Pi, again

For Pi Day this year (2018), I will provide some results related to this interesting mathematical constant. These results are mostly inspired or taken from answers I gave at quora.com about   or about similar mathematical topics. The millionth decimal digit of π is 1 (verified with Mathematica). The 10 millionth decimal digit of π is found to be 7, and the 100 millionth decimal digit … Continue reading

Concerning the relationship between science and philosophy

This post consists of the  elements of an answer I wrote at quora.com ; the question there was: “Is philosophy the top of all kinds of sciences?” I think it would be convenient to distinguish between the general term “science”, referring to the state or fact of knowing, or to knowledge acquired by study and … Continue reading

About the 2016 presidential elections

I read a lot , and I try to analyze events objectively. I wrote an answer on June 18 , 2016  on quora.com outlining a general rational method to analyze historical events , and I gave reasons why Donald Trump would be elected president . The link to that answer can be followed by clicking … Continue reading

A poem I wrote years ago

I was fifteen- soon to be sixteen- years old ; I had been reading (important) books about science, physics, philosophy , and other similar topics,  and all those ideas in my head intermingled and inspired me to write a poem involving particle physics and particle collisions and combining elements of science and philosophy . I … Continue reading