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Solutions to integrals in terms of special or generalized functions

Integrals containing expressions with trigonometric or transcendental functions and an integer parameter usually do not have simple solutions or cannot be integrated directly. Reduction formulas can be derived or found for these types of integrals. As an example, the integral of the cosine trigonometric function raised to the n-th power has the following reduction formula: … Continue reading

About the 2020 presidential elections

As someone who is not involved in politics and who is not attached to any particular political ideology or party, I wrote an earlier post explaining that I was able to write and state as early as June 2016 (on the Quora website) that according to my readings and my analysis of events, Donald Trump … Continue reading

Concerning the first human mission to planet Mars

Some elements of this post are taken or inspired from answers I wrote on the Quora question-and-answer website. The first human mission to Mars will be a unique and significant event in the history of humanity, and the humans who will be selected or chosen to participate in this trip should represent the diversity and … Continue reading

About the so-called viral expression 8÷2(2+2)

I have seen this expression a few times online and didn’t pay much attention to it. But now that I looked at this problem more attentively, it seems the given expression has been deliberately formulated or written in an ambiguous way just to “go viral”, or to attract discussions, attention and long, sometimes unnecessary debates. … Continue reading

Concerning Pi, again

For Pi Day this year (2018), I will provide some results related to this interesting mathematical constant. These results are mostly inspired or taken from answers I gave at quora.com about   or about similar mathematical topics. The millionth decimal digit of π is 1 (verified with Mathematica). The 10 millionth decimal digit of π is found to be 7, and the 100 millionth decimal digit … Continue reading