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Uncertainty in quantum physics

The question of quantum mechanics or quantum physics being “uncertain” is related to debates and issues concerning the foundations of quantum mechanics, its history and its interpretation(s). It has also to do with the issue or problem of indeterminism and the probabilistic “nature” of quantum physics. In classical mechanics and classical physics, natural phenomena were … Continue reading

The history and origins of PhD degrees and programs

The word or abbreviation Ph.D. comes from the Latin Philosophiae Doctor, meaning “Doctor of Philosophy”, or “Doctorate of Philosophy”. After the ninth century CE, degrees were awarded in the schools of the Arab and Islamic world in disciplines such as law, medicine and theology. These degrees may be viewed as the predecessors of doctoral degrees. … Continue reading

The interaction between astrophysics and chemistry

There are always connections and interactions between the exact sciences, especially between closely related sciences such as physics and chemistry, and by extension between astronomy, astrophysics and chemistry. A useful topic is the study of the chemistry of the solar system and of the interstellar medium. This involves knowing or studying the chemical composition of … Continue reading

The applications of abstract algebra in quantum and particle physics

Abstract algebra deals mainly with algebraic structures such as groups, rings, fields, modules, vector spaces, lattices, and algebras. Group theory, which can be regarded as a subfield of abstract algebra, is essential in the study and explanation of symmetries in physical systems. Symmetry properties on a specific physical system usually possess the properties of a … Continue reading

The Laplace nebular theory or hypothesis

The Laplace nebular theory is sometimes called the Kant-Laplace nebular hypothesis. It is essentially a theory attempting to explain the origin of the Solar system, and suggesting that the solar system was formed from dust and gas orbiting the Sun. Immanuel Kant developed and published his theory and his cosmological ideas in 1755, in his … Continue reading