Education books

Books  I have read about education , pedagogy , and related subjects:

** The world crisis in education,the view from the eighties  (by Philip H. Coombs).
** Education and the social order ( by Bertrand Russell).
** The great didactic  (by John Amos Comenius).Comenius

— A good article about Comenius and his work can be found here.

** My system of education (by Maria Montessori).
** The origins of exceptional abilities (by Michael J.A. Howe).
** Accelerating the learning of all students ( by Christine Finnan and Julie D. Swanson).
** Selected articles about Education and Schooling by John Taylor Gatto.

Books  I have read about education in French:

** Emile ou de l’education  (by Jean Jacques Rousseau).Jean-Jacques_Rousseau

** Une société sans école  ( Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich).
** Libres enfants de Summerhill  (Summerhill: A Radical Approach to Child Rearing by A S Neill).
** Cinq mémoires sur l’instruction publique  (by Condorcet).
** Psychologie et pédagogie (by Jean Piaget).
** Où va l’éducation? (by Jean Piaget).

** Six études de psychologie (by Jean Piaget).

— This book is about six psychological studies/essays by Piaget related to the education and development of children.
— Outlines about Piaget’s stages of cognitive development through which children pass can be found here and in  this wikipedia article.

** La formation polytechnicienne: 1794-1994 (by  B.Belhoste , A.Dahan-Dalmedico , A.Picon, editors).

—This book is a collection of articles and essays about the famous Ecole Polytechnique  in France from  its establishment  by the most important French scientists during the French Revolution until 1994 (two centuries later), and how its programs ,curricula and role changed with time ,  becoming more conservative  ,  facing criticisms and being somewhat viewed as an institution or instrument for reproducing the elite of the state.

** Mon école buissonnière ( by Arthur Ramiandrisoa).Arthur-Mon-Ecole-Buissonniere
** La méthode Arthur (by Joana Ramiandrisoa).

— These two books are about a young man called Arthur in France (born in 1977) who was tutored ,  homeschooled , received a special comprehensive accelerated instruction and finished his secondary education (earning the French Baccalaureate degree) at the age of eleven.Then he entered the university and got a PhD in mathematics at the age of 19.

** Pestalozzi (by M. Soetard).
** Traité des sciences pédagogiques: Tome 2 : Histoire de la pédagogie (by  Maurice Debesse and Gaston Mialaret ,editors).
** Traité des sciences pédagogiques:Tome 3, pédagogie comparée .
** Traité De Psychologie AppliquéeTome 6 : Education Et Institutions Éducatives (by Reuchlin Maurice).
** La Pensée éducative contemporaine   ( by Jacques Ulmann).
** Analyse systémique de l’éducation  (by Jerry Pocztar).

** Sur l’avenir de nos établissements d’enseignement ( On the Future of our Educational Institutions, by Friedrich Nietzsche).

** La docimologie  (by Anna Bonboir).

** Faillite de l’université? ( by Jean Fourastié).

** L’économie de l’éducation (by André Page ).

** Psychologie de l’éducation ( Que saisje ?,  by Gaston Mialaret).

Reference books I have consulted concerning education:

** World Education Encyclopedia , a survey of educational systems worldwide , Second Edition ( by Rebecca Marlow-Ferguson , Editor).

** Encyclopedia of Education , Second Edition ( by James W. Guthrie , editor).

** Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology (by Neil J. Salkind , Editor).

** The Greenwood Dictionary of Education , Second Edition ( by John W. Collins and Nancy Patricia O’Brien , Editors).


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