About books I started reading but haven’t finished yet

This is probably another consequence of the fact that I read a lot. I usually start reading a book and go on reading until I finish it after a few days or weeks . Reading a science book obviously requires more concentration and rational analysis  , and occasionally making calculations or solving some equations . But a number of times I began reading a book and finished some chapters or about half of it , then I lost interest or got busy and moved on to another book or another field of study. I always keep a bookmark or write down where I stopped reading in order to finish the book at a later date. I started to read a few of these books a few years ago without finishing them.Other books I began reading a few months or weeks ago. I have already listed books  I have completely finished in my various book pages , and I’ll give here a list of books I have not completed reading to date ( December 2014). I will add these books to my books pages when I finish reading them. So here is a list of books I already began reading  .This is not an exhaustive list:

  • Fearful Symmetry : Is God a Geometer?  ( by Ian Stewart and Martin Golubitsky). fearful-symm
  • Carl Friedrich Gauss: Titan Of Science ( by Guy Waldo Dunnington).

  • Ideas And Opinions ( by Albert Einstein).
  • Avicenna, His Life and Works ( by Soheil Muhsin Afnan).
  • A history of Medicine , Second Edition (by Lois N. Magner).
  • The Cambridge Companion to Newton  ( by  I. Bernard Cohen and George E. Smith , editors).
  • Great Experiments in Physics: Firsthand Accounts from. Galileo to Einstein (Edited by Morris H. Shamos). great-experiments-phys
  • The Psychology of Intelligence ( by Jean Piaget).
  • On the Nature of Things (also translated as On the Nature of  the Universe ,  by Lucretius). nature-of-things-lucretius
  • The Justice of Zeus (by Hugh Lloyd-Jones)
  • The Aeneid ( by Virgil).
  • Black Athena , Volume 1 ( by Martin Bernal).
  • A Modern View of Geometry ( by Leonard M. Blumenthal). modern-view-geom
  • St. Thomas Aquinas on Politics and Ethics (translated and edited by Paul E. Sigmund). st-thomas-aquinas
  • Traité d’électricité et de magnétisme ( A treatise on electricity and magnetism by James Clerk Maxwell). mawell-traite-sm
  • Les fondements de la géométrie The Foundations of Geometry by David Hilbert).
  • De la démocratie en Amérique  Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville ).
  • Le Livre noir de la psychanalyse (a book critical of psychoanalysis with articles by various authors and psychologists , Edited by Catherine Meyer). livre-noir-psycha
  • Les lois du chaos (a science book  by Ilya Prigogine). lois-chaos-prigogine
  • Le temps et sa flèche ( a science book edited by Etienne Klein and  Michel Spiro).
  • Oeuvres , Tome 2 (works by Mikhail Bakunin).
  • The Muslim Jesus: Sayings and Stories in Islamic Literature ( by Tarif Khalidi).