Some personal facts

Born in 1972.

As you will notice in the books page, I read a lot, and I have read many books of all sorts (including important books) since I was 14-15 years of age.

Don’t worry, I have also many other hobbies and interests .

I could place additional personal facts in a number of future posts. You can take a look at them by following the ‘about me ‘ tag link in the tags list or tag cloud .


The educational system

More about my opinions concerning this subject coming soon…

Modern education system

I’ll try to find enough time to put my ideas in order and write something that I would consider meaningful ,concise , coherent and/or original about this issue.In the meantime feel free to take a look at the education books page , where I list a number of books that I have read with links and some commentaries of my own.

A suitable way to interpret the caricature or cartoon image above is by noting that although humans form one species , the different animals represent people , students or learners with different aptitudes or different stages/phases of (intellectual) development , and these abilities and differences are often not taken into account.

One thing I can say for sure : I think the formal educational system existing with small variations and differences in most countries needs to be changed and reformed , and theĀ  degrees and diplomas delivered by colleges , universities and institutions of higher education have sometimesĀ  become a source of arrogance and discrimination.