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Over the years I’ve been able to read many books about many different subjects: Mathematics , physics, astronomy ,  chemistry, medicine ,  history, philosophy , education  , psychology , religion , economics , literature , comics, sex ,  you name it.

The most important  category of books for me is science, or more precisely the exact sciences , mathematics being  the first and the “queen” of these sciences ,  which use the scientific and experimental method.

The main steps or principles of the scientific method are:

— observing phenomena and collecting data.
— creating hypotheses with the adequate mathematical model.
—  experimental/empirical verification of the hypotheses .
— building  coherent theories.

I’ll list or describe a number of  books read by me in pages according to  their categories , sometimes with personal commentaries. Needless to say , some books belong to more than one category. For example , the Critique of Pure Reason by Kant is in the philosophy category/page ,  but it is related to logic and to  (the philosophy of ) science  and has had a historical and important influence on the development and progress of the exact sciences.


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