Science Fiction

Science fiction books I have read:

I’ve already mentioned a science fiction book I have read by H.G.Wells and another one by Asimov in my literary books page , but the writer who influenced me most is Jules Verne.

I  have been reading books by Jules Verne since I was thirteen years old , and I think his science fiction and scientific anticipations are generally more accurate than those of H.G. Wells and similar writers . I read the majority of these books in unabridged editions .

Works by Jules Verne I’ve read ( mainly in French) include:

**  Cinq semaines en ballon ( Five Weeks in a Balloon).


**  Voyage au centre de la Terre  (Journey to the Center of the Earth ).

**  Vingt Mille Lieues sous les mers  ( Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea ).

**  De la Terre à la Lune  ( From the Earth to the Moon).

**  Autour de la Lune ( Around The Moon).


**  L’Île mystérieuse  ( The Mysterious Island ).

**  Les Indes noires  ( The Child of the Cavern ).

**  Les Cinq Cents Millions de la Bégum  ( The Begum’s Millions ).


**  Claudius Bombarnac .

**  Un Drame en Livonie  ( A Drama in Livonia ).

**  Maître du monde  ( Master of the World ).

** La Journée d’un journaliste américain en 2890.


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