Religion Related

Religion related books I have read:

  • The Bible (Old and New Testament).
    — I started reading The New Testament when I was a little boy  in a disorderly way , I read it in Arabic and in French and English.Then I began reading the Old Testament book by book , and after a few years of irregular reading I managed to read most of the Bible.
  • The Quran.
    — At first I read the entire Quran in French  , then I read parts of it in Arabic and English.
  • The City of God ( by Augustine of Hippo or Saint Augustine).
    — I read half of the book in French and the second half in English.

    St Augustine

    St Augustine

  • History of the people of Israel (Volume 1): Till the time of King David (by Ernest Renan).
  • God is not great ( by Christopher Hitchens).
  • Why I am not a Christian ( by Bertrand Russell).
  • The Theogony ( by Hesiod).
  • Zeus (Gods and Heroes of the Ancient World) ( by Ken Dowden).
  • Athena (by Susan Deacy).
  • The Religion of Ancient Egypt ( by W. M. Flinders Petrie).

Religion related books I have read in French:

  • LHistoire des origines du christianisme :Les Apôtres , Saint Paul  (The history of the origins of Christianity : The apostles -Saint Paul , by Ernest Renan).
  • Les Confessions ( Confessions by Saint Augustine).
  • Moïse et le monothéisme ( Moses and Monotheism , by Sigmund Freud).
  • Biographie de Jésus ( by Jean-claude Barreau).
  • Des eunuques pour le royaume des cieux : L’Eglise catholique et la Sexualité ( Eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven: Women, sexuality, and the Catholic Church , by Uta Ranke-Heinemann ).
  • Le mythe de l’éternel retour  (The Myth of the Eternal Return , by Mircea Eliade ).
  • Le Zoroastrisme (Que sais-je? , by Paul Du Breuil).
  • Le procès de Jésus Que sais-je? , by Jean Imbert)
  • La Théologie catholique Que sais-je? , by Charles Wackenheim)
  • L’Islam Que sais-je? ,  by Dominique Sourdel).
  • La Mythologie GrecqueQue sais-je? , by Pierre Grimal ).

Some of the books I read by Nietzsche ( see my philosophy books page) are related to (mostly the Christian ) religion,
and I’ve mentioned in my literary books page  the Life of Jesus by Renan and the Iliad by Homer (read in French) , which are also religion related.

Religion related books I have read in Arabic:

  • Life of  Jesus ( by G. W. F. Hegel). I read this book in Arabic.
  • مناهج الشريعة الاسلامية للشيخ احمد محيي الدين العجوز
    –This is  a book about the different paths of Islamic law.

Religion (and mythology) related reference books I have consulted:

  • A Dictionary of the Bible (Oxford University Press).
  • The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary (by Merrill F. Unger , and R.K. Harrison , editor).
  • The Encyclopedia of World Religions , Revised Edition ( Robert S. Ellwood , General editor).
  • Encyclopedia of Buddhism ( by Edward A. Irons and  J. Gordon Melton).
  • The Concise Dictionary of Classical Mythology (by Pierre Grimal , Edited by Stephen Kershaw).
  • Classical Mythology , Seventh Edition ( by Mark P.O. Morford and Robert J. Lenardon).
  • The Routledge Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses , Second Edition ( by George Hart).
  • Articles concerning  religion in The Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia.

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