Social Sciences

Social Science books I have read:

  • The elementary structures of kinship (by Claude Levi-Strauss).
  • Economics: A Very Short Introduction ( by Partha Dasgupta).
  • The World Trade Organization: A Very Short Introduction (by Amrita Narlikar).
  • The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction ( by William Doyle).
  • Islamic History: A Very Short Introduction ( by Adam J. Silverstein).
  • Law: A Very Short Introduction  ( by  Raymond Wacks) .
  • Punishment. A Comparative Historical Perspective ( by Terance Miethe and Hong Lu).
  • A History of Economic Thought ( by William J. Barber).

  • The State and Revolution ( by V.I. Lenin).
  • The Descent of Bolshevism (by Ameen Rihani).
  • War and Peace and War: The Rise and Fall of Empires (by Peter Turchin).
  • Understanding History: An Introduction to Analytical Philosophy of History ( by Jonathan Gorman).
  • The history of Tyre ( by Wallace b. Fleming).
  • On the Jewish Question ( by Karl Marx).

A number of books I have cited about political philosophy and the philosophy of history in my philosophy books page are related to the social sciences. Education is usually included in the social sciences , but I have already dedicated an entire page to the education books I have read.

Social Science books I have read in French:

  • Les Règles de la méthode sociologique ( The Rules of Sociological Method  by Émile Durkheim).
  • Introduire au droit ( by Jacques Caillosse).
  • La démocratie ( by Georges Burdeau).
  • L’anarchisme ( by Daniel Guérin).
  • Elements de droit public ( by Maurice Duverger).
  • Totem et Tabou ( by Sigmund Freud).
  • Trois essais sur la théorie sexuelle ( Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality by Sigmund Freud).
  • Cinq leçons sur la psychanalyse Five Lectures on Psycho-Analysis by Sigmund Freud).
  • Le complexe d’Oedipe ( by Gilles Azzopardi).
  • La Psychanalyse, cette imposture ( a book critical of psychoanalysis by Pierre Debray-Ritzen).
  • La Révolution sexuelleThe Sexual Revolution  by Wilhelm Reich).
  • L’Irruption de la morale sexuelle (The Invasion of Compulsory Sex-Morality by Wilhelm Reich).
  • Les Deux Soeurs et leur mère. Anthropologie de l’inceste ( by Françoise Héritier).
  • La superstition à travers les âges ( by Andree Ruffat).
  • Essais sur la monnaie et l’economie ( by John Maynard Keynes).
  •  L’histoire : Rome et le Moyen Âge  (by Malet and Isaac).
  • Les Arabes dans l’Histoire (The Arabs in History by Bernard Lewis).
  • Le Soleil d’Allah brille sur l’Occident ( by Sigrid Hunke).
  • Réflexions sur la peine capitale  (reflections on capital punishment and the death penalty , comprising the essays Reflections on the Guillotine and Reflections on Hanging  by Albert Camus and Arthur Koestler).
  • Ni Marx ni Jésus: de la seconde révolution américaine à la seconde révolution mondiale  (Without Marx or Jesus , by Jean-François Revel).
  • La Chine , Traduction et Préface de Roger Dangeville ( by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels).
  • Le droit international (  Que sais-je? , by René-Jean Dupuy).
  • Sociologie des relations sexuelles ( Que sais-je? , by André Morali-Daninos).
  • Les théories économiques ( Que sais-je? , by Pierre Delfaud).
  • Les Doctrines Economiques  ( Que sais-je? , by Joseph Lajugie).
  • Histoire de la monnaie ( Que sais-je? , by Jean Rivoire).
  • Les Critiques de la psychanalyse  ( Que sais-je? , by Roland Quilliot and Renée Bouveresse-Quilliot).
  • Carthage  ( Que sais-je? , by Madeleine Hours-Miédan ).
  • Histoire du peuple hébreu   ( Que sais-je? , by André Lemaire).
  • Le marxisme  ( Que sais-je? , by Henri Lefebvre).
  • Les méthodes en psychologie  ( Que sais-je? , by Maurice Reuchlin).
  • Keynes et le keynésianisme  ( Que sais-je? , by Pierre Delfaud).
  • La psychologie de l’enfant ( Que sais-je? , by Jean Piaget and Bärbel Inhelder).
  • Les méthodes en sociologie ( Que sais-je? , by Raymond Boudon).

Social Science books I have read in Arabic:

  • History of the Arabs (by Philip Khuri Hitti).
  • ابن خلدون لعبدو الحلو . This is a book about the life and work of Ibn Khaldun.

Reference books I have consulted concerning the social sciences:

  • The Penguin Dictionary of Sociology , Fifth Edition ( by Nicholas Abercrombie , Stephen Hill , and Brian S. Turner).
  • International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd edition ( by William A. Darity Jr. , Editor in Chief).
  • The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Political Thought , 3rd edition ( by Roger Scruton).
  • The Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology ( by David Matsumoto , General Editor).
  • Routledge Dictionary of Economics , Second Edition ( by Donald Rutherford).

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